Quiz on Military Time Conversions (Advanced level)

Military Time Conversion Quiz (Advanced level)

Did you already try Beginner Quiz and you are ready to try Advanced Quiz on Military Time Conversions? I’m looking forward to your result!

Quizzes are the funniest way to learn the topic you are interested in and you can also compete with your friends and family.

You can find the Advanced Military Time Conversion Test down below. This quiz contains more complicated conversions than the previous one. So you should look out also for minutes and special cases of Military Time.

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Advanced Military Time Conversions Quiz

So don’t waste time and let’s start with this Advanced Quiz!

So, how did you like this quiz, was it harder than a beginner quiz? What was your result? No matter what your result was, I have some recommendations for you to improve your skills in Military Time.

0 – 3 Points Earned

If you don’t succeed in this Advanced Quiz, don’t be sad. First of all, try to take a Beginner Quiz to find out if you are able to convert basic hours from Military Time. You can find the Beginner Quiz below:

4 – 6 Points Earned

When you feel comfortable with basic conversions, the next step should be to get familiar with the Military Time Converter, an online tool that helps to convert any time you want. You can convert time from Military (24-hour time format) to Standard (12-hour time format) and also vice versa.

This online tool is really easy to use and help you to understand how the complicated conversion of these two different time formats work:

7 – 10 Points Earned

If you achieved more than 7 points from this Advanced Quiz, you already know everything about Military Time Conversions. The next step for you could be learning how to read Military Time correctly:

Or you can start to learn about the Military Time Zones, where the time and military alphabet are used together:


Were you satisfied with your results from this Advanced Test on Military Time Conversions? Share your results with your friends and make some contest whos the best!

These online quizzes are a great option for learning Military Time.

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I use Military Time (24-Hour Time Format) daily, no more confusion with time!

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