Best Military Backpack Reviews of 2021

best military backpack

Backpacks, rucksacks, or other carrying equipment have allowed us to travel and be off grid for longer periods of time while they accommodate our essential items. Since their inception, their configuration has almost always stayed the same. They are normally secured by two straps that go over the shoulders to allow carrying heavy weights, therefore leaving our hands free to do other tasks. 

In this article, we list down 10 of the best military rucksack and backpack gears you can order online that provide great utility and comfort whether you’re on an important military assignment or are simply hiking outdoors.

REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack Large Army 3 Day Assault Pack...
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This military tactical backpack from REEBOW GEAR has a large capacity of 40L and has room for most of your essentials. You can fit a change of clothes for 2 people, a first aid kit, and food for several days when you’re out hiking or traveling outdoors. It can comfortably store your cookware, water bottles, water purification systems, and other things that are important when camping or staying off the grid. The bag is double stitched and is equipped with thick metal zippers with very strong threads perfect for heavy-duty use. Along with the utility-style cord pulls, the bag is breathable and comfortable to carry during long walks. There is a side and front compression system and a ventilated mesh padded back that further adds relief as you carry it on any outdoor setting.

What makes this one of the best military backpacks for hiking is its water resistance and durability. The backpack is made from high-density fabric that can withstand strong rain and currents. The shoulder straps have thick padding while the underside has a mesh design to prevent sweat stains. There are also a lot of pockets for storing your items and other stuff. REEBOW gear utilizes MOLLE webbing throughout the backpack where you can attach additional pouches or gear when necessary. The bag can be used as an assault backpack, for hunting, survival, trekking, or simply a pack for your daily use.

Hannibal Tactical 36L Military Army Camping Rucksack

Hannibal Tactical 36L MOLLE Assault Pack, Tactical Backpack Military...
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Hannibal Tactical offers some of the best military rucksack equipment on Amazon. It offers a large capacity and multi-functional bag that suits a tight budget. Incredibly durable and water-resistant, the bag is made with high-density fabric that can withstand splashes and rainfall. It also works great with a 3L hydration bladder. This rucksack is designed for substantial storage, top-notch comfort, and high customizability. The rucksack has 4 expanding compartments that can hold up to 36 liters. The Y-style compression strap helps secure it in place as you move with it. The Molle webbing from the front and the side make it the perfect rucksack to store your inventory in when going outdoors.

Like a suitcase, the main compartment can be fully opened all the way down using a tough paracord zipper puller. The middle compartment has an internal organizer where you can store your important items like notebooks, papers, and IDs. You can also fit most laptops inside as it has a dedicated laptop compartment. The back panel has a thick mesh padding that makes it comfortable to carry even during extended periods. The shoulder straps have thick EVA material and the length is easily adjustable according to your preference. The back section has a dedicated compartment for a hydration bladder from 2L to 3L. Last but not least, nothing completes the best military backpacks more than a US flag patch which this rucksack is proud to display. Overall, the Hannibal Tactical rucksack is the perfect companion for your hiking, biking, cycling, walking, or running needs.

G4Free Molle Tactical Military Survival Backpack 35L

G4Free Tactical Shoulder Backpack Military Survival Pack Army Molle...
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This tactical backpack from G4Free lets you store your items with its multiple compartments while looking cool at the same time. The 5 main compartments are spacious enough, allowing you to store multiple items like clothing for several days, food, and gadgets like laptops and mobile phones. The Y strap on the front allows you to hold larger items like a sleeping bag or a sweatshirt. The two front pockets have small pouches inside to hold your important items like wallets, credit cards, or IDs. What makes this one of our choices for the best military backpack you can find on Amazon is the material the bag is made of. G4Free uses high-density double stitching (at seven stitches per inch) at the stress points to provide better performance. This fabric material protects your items inside the bag from getting wet. It can also withstand scratches, dirt, dust, and any stress due to overuse.

G4Free uses 2-way closure SBS zippers that work well in any direction. It secures the bag really well and is smooth to pull when opening or closing. The Molle system that this survival backpack utilizes allows you to attach additional gear like pouches or carabiners. An additional chest belt and waist strap design included on the backpack alleviates pressure to your back. The breathable cushion also makes you feel dry and comfortable all day as you carry the backpack. Another feature it has is the strap at the bottom where you can carry a camping chair or desk. You can quickly hold and release it when camping. Lastly, it has 4 color choices to match your personality from black, tan, green, and ACU.

CVLife Tactical Detachable Military Rucksack

CVLIFE Military Tactical Backpack Army Rucksack Assault Pack...
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The CVLife military rucksack has 1 main bag and 3 detachable Molle pouches attached on the front and two sides for supreme flexibility when you’re out on assignments or traveling outdoors. What makes it our choice for the best military rucksack out in the market is the detachable combination that increases the 50L rucksack into a 60L one with the included accessories. The front detachable bag also works as a fanny pack while the 2 side pouches can serve as a first aid kit bag or accessory bag for your small electronic gadgets or devices. The material CVLife used to make the rucksack is a high-density polyester that is highly water-resistant and durable. It has rain-diverting flaps along the heavy-duty zippers to further protect your things from the weather. It ensures the contents of your bag stay dry and safe all the time.

Like other best military backpacks for hiking, this rucksack has a mouth on top for a water bladder tube. The hose design makes it convenient for you to drink water without getting it on the bag. Carrying the rucksack is comfortable and breathable compared to other military surplus backpacks as it has mesh padding straps that relieve shoulder pressure. There is more stitching done at the stress points to make sure the bag does not easily tear off even when it is loaded. This multipurpose rucksack works well for first responders, emergency response teams, and hunters. People who love the outdoors can certainly use this rucksack for hiking, trekking, or camping.

WintMing 70L Waterproof Military Backpack

WintMing 70L Camping Hiking Backpack Molle Rucksack Waterproof...
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The WintMing backpack is a great option if you’re looking for the best military backpack for hiking. It has a large storage capacity of up to 70L that can confidently load your things in one bag. It is big enough so that you can store large items inside it like sleeping bags, shoes, clothes, and electronic devices. The main storage compartment is opened and closed with an elastic drawing cord. When compared to other backpacks, an elastic drawing cord is more convenient because it allows the bag to be opened and closed quickly. It can efficiently expand or shrink the bag as you see fit, unlike other backpacks that use zipper closures. There are side pockets conveniently within reach, where you can put essential items like water bottles, umbrellas, or a flashlight. The Molle system that you can find on the best military backpacks is also present in this bag. 

You can attach your other gear, effectively expanding the total space. This makes your bag more personalized and practical as the perfect companion when you’re hiking, trekking, hunting, or climbing. It is also a suitcase alternative due to its great storage size. It can even work as a college bag for some. This backpack is highly durable because it is made of 600D Oxford fabric. It can resist scratches and abrasions from wear and tear during long-term outdoor use. It is also water-resistant to protect your things from wetting. Lastly, the design protects your spine as the shoulder straps are wide and thick. They relieve you of the burden of any heavy load.

5.11 Tactical Rush24 2.0 Backpack

5.11 Tactical Backpack ‚Rush 24 2.0 ‚Military Molle Pack, CCW and...
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The Tactical Rush 24 2.0 Backpack by 5.11 is purpose-built for the most demanding missions or outdoor activities. The backpack is made from 1000D nylon that is highly water-resistant and durable. It features YKK zippers that self-repair which make it one of the best military backpacks. The backpack is a mid-level entry in the Rush series of 5.11 that works well as an everyday bag or for use in the outdoors. 5.11 has added an extra sleeve for electronic devices like a laptop and has increased the storage for eyewear. The bag has 29 individual inner and outer compartments that can also store things like water bottles, pens, your IDs, wallet, keys, and an assortment of items.

Like other military surplus backpacks that provide the best value for your money, this backpack has strategically placed Molle attachment points allowing you to compartmentalize your important gears right where you need them to be. The contoured shoulder strap features the Molle system and is perfect for first responders, military personnel, or avid adventurers. The bag is lightweight and can be customized with purpose-built pouches. The price might be more expensive than other military backpacks in this list, but there is no doubt that this backpack is perfect for any rescue mission or adventure.

Orca 34L Small Tactical Rucksack

Orca Tactical Military Backpack - Small Military Grade Backpack - Army...
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Two of the criteria you have to look out for when choosing the best military rucksack are functionality and durability. Orca has engineered a tactical rucksack with big storage in a small package. It has a lightweight frame but can still pack most of your essential gear. The rucksack is built with military-grade 600D polyester material. The bag is reinforced at the stress points with double stitches to enhance its toughness during wear and tear situations. The closures have high-quality zippers with nylon pulls. They are rust-resistant. The rest of the materials are scratch-proof and water-resistant to make the backpack the best companion for hiking, hunting, survival missions, or camping.

There are 2 padded compartments and 2 smaller ones on the front. The bigger compartments have a mesh pouch and another separate zipper pouch for extra storage space. It has an elastic band if you wish to put your clothing inside so that they are more secure. The 2 smaller pouches meanwhile can hold your smaller accessories or personal items. Like other rucksacks on our list, Orca utilizes Molle webbing on the front and sides where you can add more gear or pouches as you see fit. The rucksack has compression straps and an elastic band to keep it secured. Overall, the Orca small tactical rucksack works great if you want a lightweight bag to store your gear and items. Unlike other rucksacks in the market, this one is small enough to make you really mobile and unhampered.

M.T Multicam MOLLE II Giant Large Backpack

4land Large Hiking Backpack, 70L Camping Backpack Waterproof MOLLE...
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If you’re looking for military surplus backpacks that are genuine and can be easily donned in a hurry, the M.T Multicam Giant Large Backpack might be the best backpack for you. The Giant backpack system consists of 1 main rucksack, 2 sustainment pouches, and 1 tactical waist pouch. They are supported by 1 molded hip belt, 1 frame shoulder strap, 1 load lifter attachment strap, and a shoulder buckle. The backpack can hold up to 100 lbs. of gear and is widely adopted by people in the military. This is the best military backpack money can buy as it doesn’t impede movement and head rotation, which is extremely important when in a prone position. The clinching waist strap distributes weight to your hips and keeps your backpack secure and comfortable.

The frame of the bag is contoured to fit closely to your body preventing swaying as you move. This allows you to make proper head rotations even while wearing a helmet. The suspension in the shoulder straps is easily adjustable so there is complete contact with your shoulder. The straps are extra wide and transfer the weight to your hips, shoulder, and back to reduce fatigue during long marches. The backpack has an integrated Molle system designed to enhance your capabilities when outdoors. It has different configurations that you can tailor-fit according to your mission or specific needs. Lastly, the multi-purpose waist pack can be worn as a standalone bag using the waist belt. The waist-pack can also be rotated around to the front for easy access, which is very helpful for medical personnel or first responders.

Protector Plus Tactical Motorcycle Military Backpack

Protector Plus Tactical Motorcycle Backpack Military MOLLE Cycling...
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The Protector Plus tactical motorcycle military backpack is the perfect companion when you go camping or hiking. It also works great for everyday use or if you’re a frequent traveler. Protector Plus uses nylon ripstop fabric to make this backpack have 10 times higher wear resistance compared to polyester fabric bags. Additionally, it is water repellent, and the color does not fade easily even after long-term use. The front has 2 zippered pockets that can fit most electronic gadgets like a mobile phone, an iPad, or most tablets. The cover in front can even hold a cycling helmet. The main compartment can hold at least 10 pieces of clothing and the multi-layer storage compartments can hold most of your EDC items.

The Molle webbing design on the front and back of the backpack makes it possible for you to attach additional pouches or gears. It makes reaching for important gears like first aid kits, walkie-talkies, and kettle pouches easy and convenient. The hook and loop configuration at the front lets you tailor-fit the backpack according to your needs. The bag has a nifty hydration system that can fit up to 2.5L hydration bladder packs so that your hands are always free whenever you’re outdoors. The zippers are smooth and durable. Opening and closing the bag is easy because the metal handle has extended cord pullers. They are stronger than conventional zippers and aren’t easy to break. Plus, they look cool and match well with the design of the backpack.

EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER First Aid Kit Medical Backpack

EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Medical Backpack Tactical Knapsack Outdoor...
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This may come as a surprise to you, but don’t let the name of the bag fool you as the EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER first aid kit medical backpack is also one of the best military backpacks you can find on Amazon. This backpack is a great option for emergency personnel, first responders, and even hunters, survivalists, and military men. It has a large compartment and a special zipper design which provides very quick response. The multiple pocket design keeps your essential gears separated and organized. Inside the backpack are 4 grid compartments, a couple of elastic band slots, webbing holders in the interior, and 3 removable nylon pouches with YKK zippers. The design has a rational layout as comfort is a priority for the bag.

The shoulder straps have padded materials that are very soft so that the bag feels light against your back. The sternum strap keeps the backpack secure and the waist strap prevents it from bouncing around as you run or walk. The backpack also utilizes Molle webbing at the front and on the side where you can attach additional pouches or carabiners. The multifunctional capability of this backpack makes it suitable for different outfits and casual styles. It is perfect for outdoor activities like climbing, camping, cycling, hiking, biking, and other outdoor sports activities.

Buying Guide


Whether you opt for a small, medium, or larger-sized backpack, comfort is the most important factor when choosing one. Look for backpacks or rucksacks that have thick and breathable shoulder straps and padding as they greatly contribute to your comfort. If carrying the backpack hurts your back, you should probably replace it with a better one.


Backpacks come in a variety of styles. Some are bare on the inside where you can just dump your gear inside while others come with multiple pockets to help you arrange and organize your items neatly. The general rule is, the more compartments you have in your backpack or rucksack, the better.


Most backpacks and rucksacks sold today are made of rip-stop nylon, polyester, leather, or cotton canvas. Most of them are water-resistant and have protection against abrasion, dust, and general wear and tear. Buying a good quality backpack also means the price will be higher. Another thing to look for when getting a backpack is shoulder straps that are reinforced. As you may know, they can be susceptible to tears.


Should I go for a bigger-sized backpack? 

A bigger backpack can make you prone to bringing unnecessary or non-essential items. Having a heavier load just makes you more tired and sore. Bringing a smaller one, on the other hand, can make you forego important items like a first aid kit or safety gear. Work out what items you will be bringing with you to estimate the perfect backpack size.

What should I put in my backpack when I go camping or hiking?

If you’re going out for a couple of days, a backpack with a holding capacity of 40L should be able to hold a small tent, sleeping bag, a few days’ worth of clothing items and food, and your essential gears such as electronic gadgets and personal items.


When buying a military backpack or a rucksack, if possible, always try them on to have a look and feel of the material, the fit, and especially the comfort. Make sure it is proportionate to your height and body type and take particular notice of the material as its durability will be tested once you travel outdoors. Some backpacks are known to disintegrate in extreme cases, so don’t cheap out on them. Proper care and organization of your gear and essentials should be practiced to ensure a worry-free activity.


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