Best Military Boots Reviews of 2021

best military boots

Whether you’re on active duty or simply trekking in the wilderness, it is important that your movements are unhampered and fluid. Staying mobile and being comfortable while doing so ensure your safety at all times. Therefore, having the best military boots to support and protect you during such assignments and adventures should be one of your priorities. 

In this article, we are going to review the different military boots for men and women that provide the best fit for your needs.

CQR Men’s Military Tactical Boots

CQR CLSX Men's Military Tactical Boots, Lightweight Mid-Ankle Combat...
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The CQR Men’s military tactical boots are great to wear outdoors for extended periods due to their lightweight feel and water repellent feature. It is constructed with a touch of military and law enforcement performance design and looks professional when worn alongside your gear. It has a rubber sole that provides powerful traction on any surface from concrete, rocky, damp, or other treacherous terrains. This all-terrain outsole is ergonomic, making it one of the best tactical boots out in the market. The ankle-high protection wraps support your ankles. This protection uses YKK zippers and a Velcro hook closure made from high-quality materials for durability. The upper is made from Duratex fabric that protects your boots from any dirt and dust particles.

The insoles of these military boots have an extra smooth padded lining for cushioning and comfort. Buying this item is easy as it stays true to size. It doesn’t need to be broken in like other typical leather boots. The price is also really affordable for something that brings you style, comfort, and excellent performance. Lastly, it has a metal and hardened eyelet system that makes it easy to lace and secure the boots without tearing. The boots feel great when worn and you shouldn’t have any issues on your ankle or Achilles when wearing them even for extended hours.

FREE SOLDIER Men’s 8” Tactical and Combat Boots

FREE SOLDIER Men's Tactical Boots 8 Inches Lightweight Combat Boots...
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These military boots from FREE SOLDIER weigh 2.4 lbs. and are approximately 8” high from the heel. They can be considered lightweight compared to other military boots out in the market. It doesn’t feel heavy and difficult when wearing the boots. You can easily put your feet onto the leg opening. The single-layered fabric along the top also offers ventilation and ample ankle support. If you’re looking for the best military combat boots to accompany you on your assignments or adventures, then this one is for you. It keeps your feet dry with vented holes in the side for superior ventilation and drainage of moisture. The ankle part is made from Cordura fabric that is thin but durable.

The upper is made from scratch-resistant suede leather. The toe cap is molded. As one of the best military combat boot protections for your foot, it guards you from outside shock. Moreover, the outsole is compatible with all terrains. The boots have great grip for any activity like hiking, motorcycling, or everyday work wear. The boot has a very neat urban fashion style that looks great indoors or outdoors. The lace is durable and can easily be taken on or off while the boot tongue prevents dirt, pebbles, and sand from entering your foot. FREE SOLDIERS’ tactical combat boots are designed for all kinds of weather including spring, summer, or autumn. It performs exceptionally well during hot summer months and offers all-day comfort for those who enjoy the outdoors and the excitement of adventure.

5.11 Tactical Speed 3.0 Jungle Military Boots for Men

5.11 Men's Speed 3.0 Jungle Tactical Boot Military & Tactical,...
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The Tactical Speed 3.0 is built to handle harsh environments that pit man against nature. These military boots shine in the jungle setting as the sole is soft and very adherent. It is light and comfortable to wear on long marches and patrols. These boots are considered an accelerated version of the A.T.A.C boot that features an innovating rapid-dry technology. The boots have lateral drainage and side vents allowing water to evacuate quickly ensuring they dry faster than traditional boots. One of the things to look out for if you are in the market for the best tactical military boots that provide bang for your buck is the versatility that the outsole brings. This particular pair is made from 50% suede and 50% nylon with a rubber sole that utilizes a cup sole platform for comfort and stability. The outsole has forefoot lugs, a fence-climbing toe, and oil or slip-resistant multi-terrain treads that deliver incredible traction and support in humid or wet conditions. 

Military personnel, outdoorsmen, and first responders trust 5.11 boots because they bring innovative solutions in diverse and dynamic environments. If you’re planning to wear these boots for extended periods, the Tactical Speed 3.0 uses an Agion odor-control treatment and Ortholite insole to make sure you’re comfortable and ready to perform at your best. The heel-to-toe drop measures approximately 14 mm that gives you an accelerated stance. A nylon shank provides security and stability when you’re on the move from place to place. At its current price point, the 5.11 Tactical Speed 3.0 is one of the best military boots that you should look into considering its affordability.

Garmont T8 Need for Speed 670 Tactical Boots for Men

GMONT T 8 NFS 670 Regular, Color: Coyote, Size: 10 (481996/205-10)
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The Garmont T8 NFS military boots feel just slightly heavier than tennis shoes when worn. This means that they are super lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear when you’re in assignments that require long periods of standing. It also works well for people who love to travel outdoors or for individuals looking for dependable boots for heavy-duty work. It doesn’t take long to break the boots in. They’re already comfortable right out of the box. In fact, you can lace them and wear them in no time! This NFS model is the lightweight version of the T8 where the outsole is identical but everything is much lighter. The tread is much more refined, too, offering full traction and control even during sudden stops in movement.

We selected this boot as one of the best military boots you should look out for as the construction offers superb breathability and ventilation. Its durable upper is made from nylon and nylon webbing that offer great waterproofing. The boots also offer excellent protection especially if you’re in amphibious settings or in wet climates where quick-drying materials are important for climate comfort and heat release. The thing to take note of when you’re getting a Garmont brand military boots is that a lot of customer reviews recommend you order a half size above your normal sneaker size. Some people say that they tend to shrink a tad bit as you use them. Nonetheless, the boots provide you dependable performance thanks to their construction, giving you comfort and protection where the need for speed is paramount.

Reebok Men’s Rapid Response RB Boots

Reebok Work Men's Rapid Response RB8894 Safety Boot,Tan,11 M US
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The Reebok men’s rapid response military boots are made from 100% leather and textile with a shaft that measures 7.5” from the arch and a heel that approximately measures 2”. The boot is field-proven and is preferred by most law enforcement officers, military professionals, and first responders because of its comfort and durability. It has a quick-access side zipper that doesn’t bind up in the sand. This neat feature enables you to slip it on in just 5 seconds. Thanks to its XTR brand composite toe cap, this boot is comparable to the best military steel toe boots that offer the same protection but is not as heavy or tiresome to wear. The toe cap is lightweight, strong as steel, and will not conduct heat, cold, or electricity which is one of the drawbacks of wearing steel toe boots.

The upper is made of leather and ballistic nylon that are resilient to both rugged terrains and urban landscapes. The boot also features an iconic mountain trail rubber outsole that has great grip and traction to secure you over long distances day after day. The insole is made from soft molded polyurethane that cushions and cradles your foot. This provides additional shock absorption and moisture control, too. The insoles are removable and can be cleaned easily should you feel the need to do so. The boots’ insulating properties also offer you electrical hazard protection from live circuits, wires, or charged electrical equipment. It passes all footwear safety standards and is airport-friendly. As the boot contains metal parts, it doesn’t activate on most airport metal scanning devices ensuring convenience when wearing the footwear.

NORTIV 8 Military Work Boots for Men

NORTIV 8 Men's Safety Steel Toe Work Boots Anti-Slip Military Tactical...
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These military boots from NORTIV 8 have a seam-sealed construction design that ensures water-proofing and breathability during long hours of wear. It utilizes a durable YKK side zipper and a traditional lace-up design. This two-closure measure makes your steps safe and secure as you wear the boots. It is dedicated to outdoor exploration with its great shock and sweat absorption capabilities. As such, wearing the pair is comfortable all day even when thrust into different weathers and terrain. The leather upper combined with mesh lining and a soft insole improves arch support and stability as you power through the job whether you’re patrolling the streets, trekking the great outdoors, or manning the construction sites. 

The rubber outsole is slip-resistant and brings stability to your movement. It has no problems keeping you stable when you’re walking on snow and ice, mud of differing consistency levels, or tough and rocky terrains. What makes these boots a cut above the rest is their ergonomic steel toe cap that gives you incredible protection. Wearing this boot means you’re equipped with the best military steel toe boots that are puncture-resistant to guard your feet against being pierced or crushed should an accident happen. The toe box is surprisingly roomier. It makes it suitable for heavy-duty work as you can comfortably wear them without feeling like the boot is crushing your foot. The NORTIV 8 military work boots for men provide great value for money. It’s one of the most comfortable boots out today that you can use for years with proper care and attention.

ROCKROOSTER M.G.D.B Military and Tactical Boots for Men

ROCKROOSTER M.G.D.B Military and Tactical Boots for men, 8 inch...
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If you’re looking for comfortable work boots to accompany you during heavy-duty work, the ROCKROOSTER’s durability should keep you safe wherever you go. It utilizes a lightweight and quick-drying Cordura fabric and full-grain leather that is soft but is dust, dirt, and scratch-resistant. The polyurethane midsole improves the boots’ shock-absorbing capabilities and the insole has memory foam with PORON technology. This cushioning brings long-lasting comfort and impact absorption. This unique feature disperses your weight to make it more comfortable to use during extended hours. PORON cushioning doesn’t break down, unlike other foam insoles. They also prevent stains, odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew.

The rubber outsole is powered by GOODYEAR. They are incredibly slip and abrasion-resistant and should keep you upright on any terrain without problem. The Nylon shank material provides further stability and protection to the arch of your foot. This relieves you from considerable amounts of fatigue when you’re standing for long hours. ROCKROOSTER provides the best tactical boots for military personnel and professionals alike due to their exceptional worry-free warranty service. ROCKROOSTER promises any buyer a money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. If a defect occurs within 180 days of normal use, they are also happy to provide a replacement without any cost. These military and tactical boots come in different colors and you can pick and choose between them to match your preference and personality.

B Belleville 550 ST USMC Hot Weather Steel Toe Boots for Men

B Belleville Arm Your Feet Men's 550 ST USMC Hot Weather Steel Toe...
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The 550 ST is a rugged and ergonomic boot built for marines or for people who are subjected to harsh conditions. The upper of these boots are made from full-grain cattle hide leather and nylon fabric. The midsole is cushioned and absorbs shock while the outsole is made with 100% rubber that has the VANGUARD running shoe construction to keep you stable when on the move. The insole is single-density molded and is easily removable for cleaning. These hot weather steel toe boots are tough as nails and are certified by the U.S Marine Corps. to provide you with the ultimate support and comfort wherever your assignment or work will take you. It has the standard military boot height of 8” made from the finest quality of cowhide leather that is dust, dirt, and scratch-resistant.

This combat boot is one of the best military steel toe boots that keep your toes safe from being crushed by heavy objects. It meets most industrial and military standards for impact and compression to keep you protected whenever you’re engaged in heavy-duty work or dangerous assignments. Running with these boots is also surprisingly easy considering the fact that it is a steel toe variety. The speed tie lace also works well and keeps your feet secured.

DailyShoes Women’s Military Combat Boots with Pocket

DailyShoes Women's Military Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots Mid Knee High...
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For women in the military or individuals who love trendy and innovative design choices for their boots, these combat boots from DailyShoes are for you. Each boot is equipped with a pocket that is 3” by 3.5” in size. It has plenty of space for storing important items like cash, credit cards, keys, or even a pocket knife for your security. A tight zipper keeps your items secure. The design looks tough and won’t wear out with repeated use to keep your valuables safe and within reach. The boots are constructed with heavy-duty vegan leather that withstands the usual wear and tear. Due to the unique design features that this boot has, it is one of the best military combat boots for women. 

The insole is padded with a specially-designed cushion to make your foot as comfortable as possible as you walk or perform.your duties. The lace-up front is easily adjustable according to your fit for optimal support. The outsole is made from rubber that is slip-resistant. The boot uses a special traction grip that keeps your stance stable even on slippery floors, icy sidewalks, or loose gravel. The 9.57” shaft and 13” circumference comfortably fits women of different sizes, making hiking or outdoor travel a breeze with these combat boots. DailyShoes offers a lot of different colorways for you to pick the best combat boots that fit your personality.

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Military Combat Boots

DREAM PAIRS Women's New Mission Black Combat Mid Calf Boots Size 8.5...
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DREAM PAIRS military combat boots for women are made from soft but tough military-style faux fur. It has a built-in pocket wallet design that goes down halfway on the arch where you can store important items like keys, credit cards, or cash. The pocket depth is fine and you can comfortably store items in it during emergencies. Its versatile style keeps your feet warm and stylish wherever you go. Because of the great additions these combat boots have in store for you, it’s one of our recommended picks for the best tactical boots for women. It has a round toe and slouch design as well as a TPR outsole to keep your movement easy and stable. The lace-up is easy to tie and you can adjust it easily. In terms of sizing and comfort, they snug the calves quite well and don’t flop around the legs. 

The top opening circumference measures approximately 12.5” so that you can comfortably insert your foot as you wear it.  The boots are waterproof and are dust, dirt, and scratch-resistant. The insole is slightly padded with faux fur to keep your feet dry. The zipper closure adds more security and they can be easily adjusted along with the lace. This dual closure ensures the boots always stay comfy and do not slide around as you wear them throughout the day.

Buying Guide

Boot Height

Military boots should have a standard boot height of at least 8”. Mid-top boots are okay but it is recommended to go for the high-top boots so that you are protected through puddles or drifts.


The best military boots can take care of your foot even when worn for extended periods. They prevent your foot from having blisters. Additionally, you should be able to comfortably train all day and night with them. Take particular note of the insole as some boots have insoles that offer great insulation and stability. Some are removable and can easily be cleaned.


Boots that are waterproof and have steel toe protection are some of the best military combat boots that you should consider when looking for footwear for your assignments or adventures. They keep your feet protected from sharp or heavy objects. Keep in mind that steel toe boots are generally heavier than their counterparts that only use hard plastic.


Can anyone wear military boots?

Despite their name, just about anyone can wear military boots. Military personnel and active-duty police officers enjoy them along with backpackers and hikers. They are also a popular choice for the outdoor community due to their utility and the protection they provide. 

How do you clean military boots?

Since most high-quality military boots are water-resistant or waterproof, a quick scrub of the outer material with soap and water normally solves this. If the boots are 100% waterproof, you can spray them with a hose for easy cleaning.


Wearing military boots is essential when working outdoors as they protect your feet and keep them comfortable during extended periods of time. They are usually made of durable materials like leather, synthetic mesh, and rubber. If you’re in the desert, you may want the suede variety while you should opt for the waterproof ones if you’re stationed in the jungle.


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