Military Time Chart: Fastest Way to Convert Military Time

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Military Time Chart is what you need to convert a specific time from Military Time Format to Standard Time Format. Military Time Conversion Chart can help you with basic conversions, and that’s why I created a simple chart with an explanation to better understand how to convert specific hours.

Military Time Chart gives you a simple explanation of how to convert 24-Hour Time format to 12-Hour Time format for all AM and PM hours. Conversion Chart will help you with basic conversions of full hours from the first (12:00 AM) to the last hour (11:00 PM) of the day.

By continue reading you find a simple Military Time Conversion Charts for hours, half hours, and minutes. All of these charts are printable. I will also explain to you how to read these charts like a pro.

What is Military Time Conversion Chart?

Before we can get started with the Military Time Chart, it is important you understand what Military Time is.

Military Time is also known as 24-Hours Time Format and the name “military” is set because this time format is used by all armies around the world and became popular during the First World War.

These are the 3 things that make it different from Standard Time (12-Hour Time Format):

  • There is no differentiation between AM and PM
  • Time doesn’t repeat the numbers 1-12 twice per day
  • The clock starts at 0 ends with 24

The main advantage of using this time format is to avoid confusion and misunderstandings which may come up when using AM and PM.

As already described above, the 24-Hour Time Conversion Chart shows you the pairs for Normal and Military Time so you can easily see what is the conversion for each hour in a day.

So there are two columns in the military time conversion chart:

  • The first column contains hours in Regular Time with identification of AM and PM
  • The second column contains hours in 24-Hours Time Format

This is the easiest way how to understand the conversion of Military Time and vice versa.

So, what are the main benefits of using the chart for military time conversion? It’s easy to use and save your time with conversions.

Find three charts with conversions of hours, half hours, and minutes down below.

Military Time Conversion Chart with Hours

All you have to do is to find a given hour in a 12-hour clock or 24-hour clock and take a look at the other column in the same row.

Military Time Conversion Table with Hours:

Standard Time – 12 Hours Military Time – 24 Hours
12:00 AM 0000
01:00 AM 0100
02:00 AM 0200
03:00 AM 0300
04:00 AM 0400
05:00 AM 0500
06:00 AM 0600
07:00 AM 0700
08:00 AM 0800
09:00 AM 0900
10:00 AM 1000
11:00 AM 1100
12:00 PM 1200
01:00 PM 1300
02:00 PM 1400
03:00 PM 1500
04:00 PM 1600
05:00 PM 1700
06:00 PM 1800
07:00 PM 1900
08:00 PM 2000
09:00 PM 2100
10:00 PM 2200
11:00 PM 2300
12:00 AM 2400

I bet this Military Time Conversion Table helped you! So if you need Military Time Chart to print, you can download Standard Time vs. Military Time Printable Chart to your smartphone or desktop and have the chart with you whenever you need it again.

Military Time Conversion Chart with Half Hours

As in the previous table, all you have to do is to find a given hour in 12-hour clock or 24-hour clock and take a look at the other column in the same row.

Military Time Conversion Chart with Half Hours:

Standard Time – 12 Hours Military Time – 24 Hours
12:30 AM 0030
01:30 AM 0130
02:30 AM 0230
03:30 AM 0330
04:30 AM 0430
05:30 AM 0530
06:30 AM 0630
07:30 AM 0730
08:30 AM 0830
09:30 AM 0930
10:30 AM 1030
11:30 AM 1130
12:30 PM 1230
01:30 PM 1330
02:30 PM 1430
03:30 PM 1530
04:30 PM 1630
05:30 PM 1730
06:30 PM 1830
07:30 PM 1930
08:30 PM 2030
09:30 PM 2130
10:30 PM 2230
11:30 PM 2330
12:30 AM 0030

Find a free printable version of this table here.

TIP: In case you want to understand how to make the conversion from standard time to military time for specific times check out our posts with an explanation for the specific military time conversions.

Specific Military Time Conversions with Explanation

Military Time Conversion Chart with Minutes

The last chart should be about converting minutes from Military Time to Regular. I wrote it should be because you don’t need any chart to convert minutes.

All you need to do when you convert 24-Hour Time is to focus on hours only because minutes are always the same, no matter what time format you use.

I understand it might sound a bit weird but that’s true, hours in both, military and regular time format, always contain 60 minutes. Always.

This short table with various times with different minutes will show you the proof:

Standard Time – 12 Hours Military Time – 24 Hours
6:35 AM 0635
10:40 AM 1040
4:15 PM 1615
10:51 PM 2251

I bet you can see exactly why you don’t need any conversion chart for minutes. The minutes are always the same no matter if you use 12-Hour Time Format or 24-Hour Time Format.

How to Read Military Time Chart?

So now you already know how to convert given time from the Standard Time to Military Time and vice versa.

But do you know how to read Military Time out loud? Or how to write it?

Follow these few simple rules and you will learn how exactly how to do this:

  • Military Time always contains four digits
  • First two digits belong to hours
  • Second two digits belong to minutes
  • For full hours (second two digits are 00) you read the given time as “given number” + “hundred hours”
  • For the given time with minutes you read the given time as “two pairs”
  • If the hours or minutes begins with 0 you have read also this 0 as “zero” or “oh”

In the following chart, you can see examples that should help you:

Military Time Pronunciation
0300 Zero Three Hundred hours
0525 Zero Five Twenty-Five hours
0807 Zero Eight Zero Seven hours
1200 Twelve Hundred hours
1530 Fifteen Thirty hours
2105 Twenty-one Zero Five hours

TIP: All “Zeros” you can replace with saying “Oh”. This is more professional and all soldiers and most people who work in the medical/first responders field tell Military Time this way. For example, 2105 Military Time is said like “Twenty-one Oh Five hours”.

If you want to read more about how to read Military Time properly, visit this article:

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Conversion of Military Time without Conversion Charts

Did you already learn how to convert basic hours between both time formats without conversion charts? I prepared some useful step by step tips, which help you with the conversion of any time you want.

All you have to do is to focus on these few rules:

  • For the time from 0 to 12 hours (from 0000 to 1200 Military Time) you don’t subtract anything and add AM after time only
  • For the time from 13 to 24 hours (from 1300 to 2400 Military Time) you have to subtract 12 from given hours and add PM after time

To make it clearer, here are some examples:

  • 0900 Military Time is converted as 9:00 AM Regular Time
  • 1100 Military Time is converted as 11:00 AM Regular Time
  • 1400 Military Time is converted as 2:00 PM Regular Time
  • 1900 Military Time is converted as 7:00 PM Regular Time

It seems easy, right? It is! But what about adding minutes to the given time? For example 1545 Military Time?

For the minutes, you don’t have to worry about them with the conversions. Minutes are always the same in both time formats. So 1545 Military Time is converted as 3:45 PM Standard Time. As you can see, I only changed the hours.

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The Military Time Chart can be really helpful when you need to convert Military Time to Standard Time or vice versa from time to time.

I hope this article helped you understand what the Military Time Conversion Charts are and how to use them. You can also download printable versions of these amazing simple charts.

If you are still not comfortable with Military Time and topics related to this time format, don’t worry; I have written more blog posts with a simple explanation for everything related to the 24-Hour Time Format.

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