Military Time Chart: Easy and Quick Way to Convert Military Time

Military Time Chart: Easy and Quick Way to Convert Military Time
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Recently, it has been found that most of the people are looking for the military time chart. So you might have been wondering what is military time. A common question most of the people ask is what are the uses of the army time chart. We can understand that you have relatives that are in the army. And this is the reason you are looking for army time chart. Do not get confused because here we have everything you need to know about this topic.

What is Military Time Chart? Military Time Chart explains you how to convert normal (12-Hours Time format) time to Army (24-Hours Time format) Time for all AM and PM hours.

Military Time – Explanation

Before we can get started with the army time chart. It is important that you understand what military time is. From the name you might have got the idea that it is time used by the military. However, what makes it different from the regular time is

  • There is no differentiation between AM and PM
  • It has the 24 hours time format
  • The clock starts at 0 ends with 24
  • For many years even the public used the military time.

If you will pay proper attention you will notice that it is easy to understand the military time as compared to the 12 hours time we are using. However, most of the people are unaware of this system now. Here is how the army time conversion chart works.

What is Military Time Chart?

When someone we tell the military time chart you will have to deal with military time to regular time conversion. If you do not know how to convert it do not get confused because military time chart is available.

So there are two sections in the military time conversion chart. In one side you will get the regular time and in the other section military time has been mentioned. There will be identification of AM and PM with the regular time so you will not get confused. It is certainly the quickest way to convert military time.

How Military Time Chart Works?

So you might have been wondering that how the military time chart converter works. In fact, there is no rocket science behind the chart. A group of specialists worked on this chart to assure that people can easily understand how military time works. When someone has told you military time look for the hours they have mentioned in military time portion. Compare them with the box right next to it that has regular time. So within seconds you will know the real time. If you are worried about the minutes do not get confused. The minutes are same in both time format. Therefore in military time conversion table, you will notice the only difference in hours.

Standard Time vs. Military Time Chart
Standard Time - 12 Hours Military Time - 24 Hours
12:00 AM 0000
01:00 AM 0100
02:00 AM 0200
03:00 AM 0300
04:00 AM 0400
05:00 AM 0500
06:00 AM 0600
07:00 AM 0700
08:00 AM 0800
09:00 AM 0900
10:00 AM 1000
11:00 AM 1100
12:00 PM 1200
01:00 PM 1300
02:00 PM 1400
03:00 PM 1500
04:00 PM 1600
05:00 PM 1700
06:00 PM 1800
07:00 PM 1900
08:00 PM 2000
09:00 PM 2100
10:00 PM 2200
11:00 PM 2300
12:00 AM 2400

If there is internet issue and you cannot assess the website all the time do not worry because you can download our Standard Time vs. Military Time Printable Chart and have the chart with you all the time.

TIP: In case you want to understand how to make conversion from standard time to military time for specific times check out our posts with explanation for the specific military time conversions.

Benefits of Using Army Time Chart

So you might have been wondering what are benefits of using the chart of military time. As a result we have mentioned some of the interesting benefits you should consider here.

  • It will help you save time when you have to convert standard time to military
  • You will not get confused when someone asks the military time
  • During your information test, you will exceed with the help of military time chart
  • If someone tells you military time you will know where you have to check
  • Talking to army men you will have your confidence because you can understand their time format
  • If your partner is in army, it is the first thing you should get

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Army Time Chart: Conclusion

Having a military time chart is not a great thing that you have achieved in case that your relatives try to test you regarding the military time. Hence you will not be able to open the army time chart. In this situation, the only solution would be knowing how the conversion takes place.

Make sure that you learn how to Convert military time to regular time. We know that you will maybe help in this process. As a result we have everything you need to know about the army time. From its history to the rules of conversion.

In conclusion, if you need to know more about military time you can read our other articles about Military Time ClockMilitary Time Zones or Military Alphabet.

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