Simple Trick How to Convert 1045 Hours Military Time

1045 hours military time conversion

Do you know what time 1045 Military Time is? I know that converting Military Time can be a bit complicated, but not when you know the simple and helpful formula. In case you only want to know what 1045 hours military time means, here you have a short, but useful answer:

1045 Hours Military Time (24-Hour time format) is equivalent to 10:45 AM in Normal Time or Standard Time (12-Hour time format). 1045 Military Time is read as “ten forty-five hours“, and it is written without a colon between the hours and minutes.

For those of you who are interested in a simple conversion formula, continue reading and find below the formula that helps you understand the conversion of 1045 Military Time.

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What does 1045 Military Time mean?

First of all, it is important to know the basics of Military Time. Military Time always contains 4 digits where the first 2 digits are for hours and the second 2 digits are for minutes.

This simple image below explains to you the basic rule of conversion:

Military Time Conversion to Standard Time Explanation
Military Time Conversion to Standard Time Explanation

In addition, if you have a Military Time greater or equal than 13:00, you have to subtract 12 hours from the given time. And that’s all you need to know.

1045 Hours Military Time Conversion Guide

Now, let’s move on to explaining the simplest way of how you can convert 1045 Hours into Standard Time.

Before you start, look at this classic analog clock that shows the time you want to convert. It helps you understand the whole process of 1045 Military Time Conversion:

1045 Hours Military Time on the Analog Clock
1045 Hours Military Time on the Analog Clock

And now let’s move on the conversion process itself:

How to Convert 1045 Military Time? 1045 Hours Conversion Guide

  1. Divide the given time

    First, divide the given time to hours and minutes. For 1045 Military Time it is 10 hours and 45 minutes.

  2. Greater than 1300 or not?

    Then pay attention to whether the given time is greater than 1300 or not. 1045 is not greater than 1300 so you don’t use the subtraction rule for the hours and let the number for hours as it is: 10 hours.

  3. Convert Minutes

    Minutes are the same in the Military Time as so as in the Standard Time, so 45 minutes is still 45 minutes.

  4. Add the colon

    Add the colon between calculated hours and minutes and the result will be 10:45.

  5. Is it AM or PM?

    As 1045 is not greater than 1200 so according to about mentioned rule add AM after calculated time so the result will be 10:45 AM normal time.

  6. Correct Answer

    So what time is 1045 Military Time? The correct answer is 10:45 AM standard time (12-hour time format).

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How to Read and Write 1045 Military Time?

You already know how to convert 1045 Hours and now it’s time to learn how to read and write this specific time.

This table explains everything you need to know about reading and writing 1045 Hours Time and related times:

Standard Clock How to Write Military Clock How to Read Military Clock
10:45 AM 1045 Hours ten forty-five hours
10:00 AM 1000 Hours ten hundred hours
10:15 AM 1015 Hours ten fifteen hours
10:30 AM 1030 Hours ten thirty hours

I hope you found this table above useful and you understand how to write and say 1045 hours and related times now. In case you are still confused, don’t worry, I have a great tip for you.

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FAQ about 1045 Military Time

Still didn’t see what you were looking for? These frequently asked questions can provide you with any additional information.

How to say 1045 in military time?

1045 in Military Time is said as Ten Forty-Five (hours). You may say hours after a given time but it is not necessary.

Is 1045 military time AM or PM?

1045 is AM in standard time (12-hour time format). All times less than 1200 belong to AM hours.

What is 10 45 AM in military time?

10 45 AM standard time (12-hour time format) is equal to 1045 military time (24-hour time format).

What is 1045 AM military time?

In military time format, we don’t use AM or PM to tell the time. The correct question should be: What is 1045 military time? Or: Does 1045 military time mean AM? Anyway, 1045 military means AM in standard time and it is exactly 10:45 AM.


I hope 1045 Military Time (1045 Hours) conversion was not a difficult task for you, but the clarification of AM and PM is an important reminder:

  • When the value of Military Time is greater than 1200 it will be PM
  • When the value of Military Time is less than 1200 it will be AM
  • 2400 (0000) is an exceptional case because it is considered as AM (12:00 AM)

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I use Military Time (24-Hour Time Format) daily, no more confusion with time!

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