Military Time History: Easy Explanation From Beginnings to Present

Military Time History: Easy Explanation From Beginnings to Present
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In the civilian world, we use the 12 hours format. It is the time format in which clock repeats the counting from 1 to 12. In order to differentiate between day and night AM and PM are use.

However, things in the military are a little different. They use the 24 hours format. In this time the counting is from 0 to 24. From 0 to 12 means AM and from 13 to 24 is PM. There are many individuals that want to know about the military time. However, it is important that first, you understand the Military Time History.

Military Time History

Understanding the Military Time history will help you with the conversion of military time. Specialists have been working hard to find the history of the military time. First, there was known that military time was introduced in World War 1. However, after few years it was found that 24 hours format was used even before World War 1.

Military time history - Egyptian Era to World War 1 and Present Days

Egyptian Origin

The Military Time History goes back to the Egyptian era. On the tombs of the 11th Dynasty of the Egyptians in 2100 BC traces for a military time were found. On the coffin lids, the proof for the military time format was found. At that time people called in the Diagonal Star Table.

Hipparchus was an astronomer. In 147 to 127 BC, he gave the idea for fix length of time according to the seasons. According to his time is not dependent on the seasons. Seasons may change but time will remain the same.

The hours in the military time are the equinoctial hours. Equinox was use as a basis for determination of the hours. According to this method, 1 hour consists of 60 minutes and the time or day and night was equal. In this way, the 60 minute time frame became famous in the world. The Egyptian era shows have that time is not a new concept. There are chances that people before that were using time as well but there were no traces found so we cannot say anything clearly.

Use in World War 1

With the passage of time, 12 hours format was available. It was convenient and easy to remember. There was not much research done and so people were not aware of the 24 hours format. The military of different nations had to adopt. There were wars going on around the world because everyone wanted to dominate. In this situation, the army was not able to afford any confusion. Wrong information was the cause of wrong moves.

World War 1 was the time of great destruction. There were any armies against each other. To avoid all types of confusions, the military adopted the 24 hours format. This is the reason why we call it the military time now. So here are some of the reasons why military use 24 hours format.

  • There is no confusion between 12 noon and 12 night
  • No need to deal with AM and PM
  • No confusion regarding different of time
  • There was no need for military time to regular time conversion

In the time of world war 1, the 24 hours time format became the necessity. It seems like using the military time is a decent decision that army made.

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The Present Day Use

With advancement in technology, many new things evolved. So to understand the military time proper, military alphabet was designed. The clockmakers give the army the gift of 24 hour military clock. It becomes their go-to clock because there was no need to convert the standard time to military time.

All the armies around the world are using the military time. They understand the importance of this time format. This is the reason armies have been able to manage their tasks easily. However, there are still many civilians that do not understand the military time properly and its conversion to standard time.

Military Time History – conclusion

So after understanding the Military Time History it will become easier for you to learn how does military time work. It might be surprising for you in the beginning. However, with practice, you will quickly understand the military time conversions. Remember that there is only the difference of hours. In reality, the minutes of the military time are similar to those in standard time.

There are many things about the military time that you need to know. In conclusion, if you want more information visit our 24 hours clock article. There are also many other articles as well that will help you become the master of military time.

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