How does the Military Clock Work? Explanation with Examples

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Using a Military Time Clock can be a bit confusing from the very beginning. But, all you have to do is understand how the 24-hour time format works. It is not as difficult as it may seem. This post explains everything you need to know about the Military Clock Hours. Find a short answer below:

Military Time Clock uses the 24-Hour Time Format. Counting for the first 12 hours of the day is the same as for AM hours in Standard Time (12-hour time format). Then counting continue from 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000, 2100, 2200, 2300 up to 2359. The new day starts at 0000 hours.

If this answer is still unclear to you and you want to learn more, continue reading and find a detailed explanation of how Military Clock works.

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How to Learn Military Clock? 24-Hour Time Format Explanation

Before you can start with the military clock, it is important that you understand what the 24-hour time format is.

It is easy to use and understand because it will directly take you from 1 to 24, and the clock will not repeat the numbers 1-12 twice like with the 12 hours clock.

The military time hours are the same in the beginning starting from 1 and continuing through 12, and after 12-noon, in military time you continue to 13, 14, 15 and so on until 24, which is midnight.

The easiest way how to learn and memorize the time on the Military Clock is to buy a wall clock which also contains numbers with Military Time:

This Wall clock is very helpful because every time you check what the current time is, you will also see what time is in 24-hour time format. If you like it, you can buy it here.

TIP: If the current time is AM then time in 24-hour format is the same. But, PM does not exist in 24-hour format, and instead, it continues with those small numbers from 13 to 24 on the clock.

Another option on how to understand Military Clock is to print the Military Time Chart with full hours and use it to help you read the time. This printable version of this chart can help you:

TIP: You can download this Military Clock Chart here.

How does Military Clock Work?

One of the most important question that most people have been asking is how 24-hour clock works. It is very easy to understand.

  • For hours, the time continues counting after it reaches 12 hours to 13, 14 and so on until 23.
  • Minutes are always the same in Military Time as in Standard.
  • To distinguish between hours and minutes, add a colon after the first two digits.

This image illustrates what the full 24-hour clock looks like:

Military Wall Clock

These Clocks are not typical, people or soldiers who use 24-hour clock use the same clock as for standard time (like in the previous image). But, in case you like this full 24-hour clock, you can buy it here.

TIP: In case you want to understand how to make the conversion from standard time to military time for specific times check out these posts with an explanation for the specific military time conversions.

Specific military time conversions with explanation

How to Read and Pronounce Military Clock?

When you understand how 24-hour format works, you should then learn how to read and say the time on Military Clock as it is different from the 12-hour clock.

First of all, you must always have in mind that Military Time contains four digits. The first two digits belong to hours and the second two digits to minutes.

Then all you have to do is to read the given time as two pairs. First pair for hours and the second one for minutes.

Reading of Military Clock is different when the given time is with zero minutes (full hours) than other times. Find below a table with examples on reading 24-hour Clock at different times:

Military Clock How to read
0800 zero eight hundred hours
1400 fourteen hundred hours
0930 zero nine thirty hours
1615 sixteen fifteen hours
2205 twenty-two zero five hours

TIP: To read the time like a pro, replace “zero” with “oh”. For example, 0930 read as “oh nine thirty hours”.

The best option for learning how to properly say the Military Time hours, watch this short video:

And that’s, in short, all you need to know about reading and pronouncing Military Time. If you want to learn more about reading Military Time like a real soldier, read this useful article:

How to Read Military Time? Simple Explanation with Examples

Who Created the Military Clock? History of Military Clock

The first military clock was introduced in Italy in the 18th century. The mechanical clocks with 24-hour format counted the 24 hours of a day by producing 300 strokes each day.

This mechanical clock was a very complex mechanism, counting 24 hours of the day from one-half hour after the sunset to the evening of the following day. The last hour of the day time was the 24th hour.

To learn more about the History of the 24-hour Clock visit this Wikipedia article.

You won’t see this type of clock very often, but you can find them for example in Prague or Greenwich. The clock in Greenwich is the most famous one and is called Shepherd Gate Clock. The most beautiful one is the clock in Prague, called Orloj.

24-hour analog wristwatches are still used in present days by pilots, scientists, and the military. The most famous manufacturers of 24-hour analog watches are: Glycine, Raketa, Vostok, Fortis, Poljot, and Swatch.

These manufacturers still produce these watches, and they are really, I mean really beautiful. Check my favorite ones.

How to Convert Military Clock? Online Converter

In case you find it hard to convert military time to standard time, don’t worry because below you will find a perfect tool for you here. With the time clock converter, you will get the time conversion within seconds.

All you have to do is input the standard time into this converter. Click on the button “Convert now”, and you will get the military time. There is no hassle of doing the conversion yourself. You will get your help quickly with this online tool.

You can also convert Standard Time to Military Time Format by the second online tool.

Converter from Military Time to Standard Time

Convert Military Time to Standard Time
Standard Time:

Converter from Standard Time to Military Time

Convert Standard time to Military Time
Military Time:

In case you want to convert Military Clock by yourself, follow these simple rules:

  • For all PM hours add 12 to the given time and you get Military Time
  • You don’t add anything for all AM hours
  • Remove AM or PM from the given time

You can also use these rules for converting Military Time to Standard but just subtract 12 hours for Military Time from 1300 to 2359.

TIP: In the case, you want to know your current Military Time based on your location or current Military Time in any country in the world, visit this article:

TIP: In the case, you want to know your current Military Time based on your location or current Military Time in any country in the world, visit this article:

Current Military Time Clock Tool: Based on Chosen Location


I hope you understand how the Military Clock works and how to read it. There is nothing to be worried about when you see a 24-hour clock somewhere. All you need to do is to follow these simple rules and you will be a pro at reading and understanding Military Time.

Just to remind you, Military Time always contains four digits (two digits for hours and two digits for minutes), and it’s read as two pairs. To convert 24-hour time format to 12-hour format, deduct 12 for hours numbers greater than 13. Oppositely, add 12 for PM hours.

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