Military Clock: Standard Time from 24 Hours Perspective – Easy Explanation

Military Clock: Standard Time from 24 Hours Perspective – Easy Explanation

There often comes a time when you have to meet an army man. The things can get awkward when you ask them about time and they will tell it is 1400. You will get confuse because you are using the 12 hours format but they have the military clock with the 24 hours format. Do not worry because here we have everything you should know to understand the military time and military clock.

What is 24-Hours Time format? 24-Hours Time format runs from midnight to midnight and is divided into 24 hours from 0 to 23. It is also known as Military Time or Army Time.

Military Clock: 24 Hours Time Format

Before we got on with the military clock, it is important that you understand what is military time. It is the 24 hours’ time format that was specially developed by the army. It is easy to use and understand because it will directly take you from 1 to 24 and the clock will not repeat itself twice like it is done in the 12 hours clock. The military time hours are similar to the regular time until 12 and after that, in military time it is counted 13 while in regular time it will start from 1 once again.

History of Military Clock

The first military clock introduction was in Italy. The mechanical clocks with 24 hours format count the 24 hours of a day. It starts from one and half hour after the sunset to evening and it follows the next day. The last hour of daytime is 24th hour. 300 strokes of the clocks complete the 24 hours time. The historical clock works with the rope to assure that mechanism will work quickly. There is a ringing sequence of 1 to 12 that takes place twice to inform the localities. It completes in 156 strokes and military clock repeats itself 4 times from 1 to 6.

How does Military Time Work

One of the most important question that most of the people have been asking is how does the military time work. It is very easy to understand.

  • The hour’s format is simple because after the 12 in the afternoon it goes straight to 13 and the counting continues to 24 because after that the new day starts.
  • You might have been confuse about the military time minutes.
  • Do not worry because there is a simple trick to understand it.
  • The minutes of military time works in the same way as that of regular time.
  • All you have to do is add the “:” after the first two digits and you will understand the minutes.

TIP: In case you want to understand how to make conversion from standard time to military time for specific times check out our posts with explanation for the specific military time conversions.

Convert Standard Time to Military Time

You will get surprise to know that it is very easy to convert the standard time to military time. All you have to do is add 1200 from the time of 1 pm to 12 pm and you will get the military time. You might have been wondering that what does am and pm stand for in military clock. You should know that there is no am or pm in the military time. this is the reason it is easy to understand and there are no confusions.

Army Time Converter

In case that you find it hard to convert military time to standard time do not worry because we have the perfect tool for you. With the time clock conversion, you will get the time conversion within seconds. All you have to do is add the standard time in army time converter. Click on the option of convert just like magic you will get the military time. There is no hassle of conversion, addition or subtraction. With the high-tech tool, you will get the help quickly.

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24-Hours Time Format: Conclusion

With the help of military clock and army time converter all your issues will be resolved. The biggest attraction of the tool is that it is accessible on all platforms, desktop or mobiles.

If you are in a mall and someone tell you the time in military time. You can quickly access the tool on your smartphone and convert the time. Others will surely get amaze how you make it possible without military clock. Use the power of the amazing online time to get the information about your military time. No one will even know what you are actually doing. The secret of tool will be safe on your phone.

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